Home–Celebrating Autumn & Winter

The new book from
Jill Helmer, John Grady Burns, and Kathy Stewart

In Home–Celebrating Autumn and Winter, Jill Helmer, John Grady Burns, and Kathy Stewart continue to show how small touches can make a home feel inviting for the holidays.

With more than 200 photographs of lovingly decorated homes and gardens, Home–Celebrating Autumn and Winter will keep you inspired for years to come.

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Collections: Sharing the Passion

With hundreds of photographs highlighting collections from across the country, Collections: Sharing the Passion shows how homeowners use objects both personal and priceless to exhibit their style.

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With more than 400 photographs of homes beautifully decorated for Christmas, Evergreen: Decorating with Colours of the Season celebrates the spirit of the holiday season.

See how a few simple touches to the home can make it an inviting place for all to gather. Evergreen: Decorating with Colours of the Season shows how living spaces are transformed with the simplest of decorations.

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The Authors

Jill Helmer

Jill Helmer is the owner of the floral design business, Jill Siegel Designs, as well as the editor of Collections: Sharing the Passion and the holiday book, Evergreen: Decorating with Colours of the Season. During the holidays, Jill travels with John Grady lecturing and promoting Evergreen. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

John Grady Burns

John Grady Burns owns Flora, a design and event company in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a teacher of floral design and travels extensively giving programs and lectures, and doing events. A native of Natchez, Mississippi, John Grady is also the author of Personally Yours: Flowers for Weddings, Parties and Events.

Kathy Stewart

Kathy Stewart combines her design knowledge with her travel experience to give her the ability to think with an open mind, and to bring new ideas and value to the styling involved in residential interiors. Kathy was principal stylist for Evergreen: Decorating with Colours of the Season and for Collections: Sharing the Passion. Kathy and her sister Jill are natives of Texarkana, Arkansas, where Kathy still resides.


The Photographer

Bartram Nason

Bartram Nason is a photographer and videographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. His documentary, portrait, and interior photography has appeared in publications throughout the world. Bartram graduated from Indiana University with a degree in cello performance.